Fall Under Pharrell's Spell & Let N.E.R.D 'Hypnotize U'

I may be in the minority here, but I've never found Pharrell Williams particularly sexy. He's cute and all, but he doesn't make me wanna. That is up until I saw this fresh outta the oven video for N.E.R.D's "Hypnotize U" from their newly released Nothing. Opening with a scene of Pharrell singing in the shower, that was all I needed to change my attitude. There's just something about a brotha with water glistening all over his body and wearing nothing but soap suds that does it for me. But don't worry, this video isn't all focused on Pharrell getting squeaky clean, because once he steps outta the shower there's more than enough eye candy of the female variety to go around. Fitting the theme of the song, the multi-culti group of women stare into space, seemingly hypnotized by Williams then follow him around like model zombies. The concept is a little comical if you think about it, but it comes together on film and works for the song. And it's definitely made me a believer in Pharrell's sexy.

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