YahZarah Slays Those S.O.B.'s

Sometimes when I'm bored, I like to shimmy up into my best glitter pasties and pink body paint and add--again, just for fun--some angel wings. I find this look is best complimented when I'm lounging around the house vacuuming or dusting. It's kind of like a mid-week pick-me-up, if you will. Though I may prefer limiting to my costume antics to my own home indoors, it looks as though Yahzarah has beat me to the punch at least when it comes to going out in public with an outfit not made for those who are shy nor shy to the proper technique for a standing lunge. Yahzahrah recently performed at SOB's--home to several spectacular SoulBounce live events--in New York City and though we can't show it to you here, you can get a clip of the show to watch all on your own by downloading it here. Did she kill it? I think that goes without saying. Be sure to catch Yahzarah slaying SOB's stage and enjoy this soulful seductress one day shy of your weekend. 

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