Will 2011 See Amy Winehouse’s Comeback?

Everyone loves a comeback story. In this age of rapping goons named Waka Slacka Jaw and running
jokes like Antoine Dodson (of the cooneriffic “Bed Intruder Song,” which was performed live on BET’s
106th & Plantation Wednesday) it is refreshing to hear a story of redemption. And I’m not talking about
attractive repeat-offender druggie rapper redemption, but a true organized attempt to get right by an
artist with undeniable talent. Yes, Lauryn Hill took time off from the Marley Babymaking Factory to tease
us recently, but the overall quality of her showings is not quite what we were expecting. Who I’m really
excited about seeing on the scene again is Amy Winehouse, the UK’s most beloved sangin’ trainwreck.
She’s ditched her husband (because it’s always the man’s fault, right?) and the dramatic eye makeup,
bought some boobs and is hard at work on a follow-up to 2006’s GRAMMY-winning, inescapable Back
To Black
. Since then she’s received more press for assault charges, public intoxication and drug-fueled
outbursts than music. The new project, which has yet to produce a single, once had a July 2010 release
date. One can only guess what has delayed its completion. Now, the London vocalist with the booze-
soaked golden pipes is promising a January 2011 street date. Whenever it debuts, I, like many, will be
waiting with open arms.

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