Marsha Ambrosius & Mark Ronson Turn 'Valerie' Out

It's hard to go wrong when you have Marsha Ambrosius and Mark Ronson on stage together. So
it's no surprise that when Ronson invited Marsha to join himself and his band, The Business Intl,
last week at New York City's Webster Hall, that nothing short of musical magic would be
made. Marsha took over the vocals on "Valerie," a cover song that appeared on Ronson's 2007
Version album with Amy Winehouse on lead. Marsha's version definitely gives Winehouse's
a run for the money, especially when you take into account that the former Floetry songstress
admitted to not knowing the words. On her personal blog, Ambrosius explains that she had
a hard time listening to the song, much less learning the lyrics, due to the fact that it was a
favorite of her late aunt. She also admits to emailing the lyrics to her Blackberry just in case
they slipped her mind. One could never tell that by looking at this rousing live performance, as
she puts in another stellar vocal performance. Check it out and let us know what you think of
Ms. Marsha's rendition of "Valerie."

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