Fatlip Debuts New Style In ‘LA’

Despite URB’s description that Fatlip‘s new video for “LA Girl” has “the MC and a bevy of beauties do a Teen Wolf-meets-Thriller dance in front of the Pantages theater in broad daylight,” this song reminds me more so of Rockwell‘s only brush with fame with “Somebody’s Watchin’ Me.” Think about it: the comically faux British accent and the synth-heavy melody that sounded as though Casio sponsored the track itself. Granted Fatlip doesn’t have Michael Jackson singing background vocals on “LA Girl,” but the paranoia inherent in Rockwell’s song and Fatlip’s track coming out just before Halloween seems interesting, no? Is this Fatlip’s best work? No, but it will be interesting to see where this new direction takes him.

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