Eric Lau Hits Another ‘Home Run’

London-based beat sculptor Eric Lau is back to make his mark on music with his new instrumental LP from Kilawatt Music, Makin’ Sound. The 20-track release, which he considers a culmination of years of “unfinished business,” demonstrates Lau’s continued dedication to the art of production. Without the aid of singers or rappers, the long player brings his masterful blend of samples and instrumentation to the forefront. This nod to his predecessors is evident on “Home Run,” on which vocals from Lauryn Hill, MOP, Busta Rhymes, among others, are featured. Upon first listening, you hear Waajeed‘s and J Dilla‘s influences, but Lau’s smooth, lush chords and borderline-jazzy production instincts serve to establish him as a note-worthy soundsmith in his own right. Lau’s smart sequencing, appropriate references and effortless genre-blending combine to make this set perfect for relaxing or full-blast indulgence. Take a listen to “Home Run,” which is available to download on Kilawatt Music’s Bandcamp page, along with a full preview of Makin’ Sound.

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