Miguel Gets Closer To 'You' & Sings It Acapella

I'm still not sick of Miguel and his "All I Want Is You" yet, although I do wish I could hear something else by him since this horse is damn near officially dead now that Rick Ross added some unnecessary verse onto it as well. Nonetheless, it's always important for someone like myself to know if a singer can truly sing as well live as they can in studio and if they can offer up some acapella action then all the better. In the video below, caramel cutie Miguel does have some missteps in the beginning but he seems to do a pretty decent job when he's not seductively lowering his eyes and trying to look so damn sexy. Less "Blue Steel" and more singing may have cured him of any vocal pitch issues but at least we know now the boy has talent. Take a look and judge for yourself below. 

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