'For Colored Girls' Trailer Creates Buzz And Chills

With a remake of Nina Simone's haunting song "Four Women" playing as the drama builds, the trailer to Tyler Perry's big screen version of For Colored Girls, based on Ntozake Shange's play For Colored Girls When the Rainbow is Enuf, is spine-tingling. I felt myself emotionally moved by watching it and wanting to see more. There is no doubt that the women selected for this movie will be acting their butts off; that fact is evidenced by this trailer. And how awesome to see other familiar faces like Macy Gray in the trailer who aren't main characters but are a part of this extraordinary cast. Whether you are a fan of Perry's work or not, you will not be able to deny the star-quality casting and beautiful presentation this trailer presents. After some initial reservations, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the movie is as four star as this meaty preview.

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