Bop Alloy Gets 'Jazzmatic' On Us

Baltimore-based MC Substantial has joined forces with producer Marcus D out of Seattle to form the duo Bop Alloy who specialize in jazz hop--think A Tribe Called Quest and Gang Starr. Fresh from a Japanese tour, the twosome is putting the finishing touches on their debut album, SMDABA, short for Substantial and Marcus D are Bop Alloy, and they're giving folks a chance to sample their sound on the song "Jazzmatic." Featuring the rich vocals of Steph the Sapphic Songstress, "Jazzmatic" is a mellow smooth tune that purveyors of hip-hop soul will most definitely eat up. Substantial is the type of hip-hop artist that those who don't typically listen to hip-hop enjoy because he is very conscious of the instrumentation and vocalist that accompanies him on each track. At least it appears that way. Steph's vocals on this song are perfect (as they were previously on my favorite tune from them both, "My Favorite Things"), and this song offers just enough of a tease that has me, and possibly you, too, wanting to hear more of what Bop Alloy has to offer when their album drops on September 7th. Until then, add this to your collection with a free download.

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