Wale's 'Black & Gold' Is A No

I've never really liked Wale that much but I do adore Sam Sparro, especially my favorite song of his, "Black & Gold." I know of one particular cover of this song by Shawn Chrystopher, but that occurred eons ago. I guess the testament to the greatness of this song, which is a really a gospel song in disguise, is that some still feel the need to offer their take on it. In Wale's case, however, this was not the best look. As opposed to letting the stripped down synth beat ride, this version sounds like a aural assault with too many late '80's samples littering this sonic landscape. From Wale's latest mixtape More About Nothing, this title is an apt description of this song. Loving this image of Seinfeld's cast with Wale, though. 

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