The Rubber Peeple Bring 'Truth' To Light

As of late, I have been gravitating towards hip hop that is more reflective of what I used to listen to as a teen when Afrocentricity and originality reigned. This is not to say that I am not accepting of newer styles but I just love what reminds me most of my formative years. Enter The Rubber Peeple who are not only a great duo of the Jhunippuz crew of emcees from Virginia but are husband and wife--insert exclamation point here. I know it sounds like this whole situation would yield corny results but trust when I tell you that they come with it. "Truth To Power" is but one track on their debut album of the same name that I'll be copping on iTunes as soon as I finish typing. Don't sleep on this one. Thanks to 9th Wonder for the hookup. 

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