Tabi Bonney Teams Up With Kokayi & Alison Carney To Reach ‘Higher Stars’

I unabashedly tend to focus many of my posts on folks from my immediate city of DC because I’m here, they’re here and it makes for an easy connect and DC talent gets slept on with the quickness nowadays it seems. It’s come to the point where some artists from the area refrain from saying that they are from the area because its this unspoken thing that happens where you fall under the radar of most music writers and audiences if you aren’t from NY, Atlanta, LA or abroad making soul music. Sad, but true.

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Luckily, the DC Commission on the Arts is pumping up the coverage of music artists in the Nation’s Capital, providing grant money and opportunity for said artists to promote their talent. One of those outlets is Art(202) TV, which showcases the diverse talents of the Washington DC art scene. Recently, Art(202) TV tasked two DC-based talents–rapper Tabi Bonney and Grammy-nominated producer/emcee/singer Kokayi–to create a song and perform it in one day at an event at Liv nightclub located along the popular U street corridor. The process was captured on video with Tabi on the rhymes, Kokayi providing the hook and production, along with a vocal assist from singer Alison Carney. The song, “Higher Stars” was born.

Shot by director Chris Keener, the video follows Tabi, Kokayi and Alison from the song’s inception and recording, to its first live performance that very night. I think it’s pretty hot. I also think its necessary to say that I feeling the direction Tabi is taking with his music–there seems to be a maturity infused now in his whole persona lately. Me likes. I’ve always been a fan of Kokayi and Alison Carney, so this tune is pretty much in step with what I expect from them. To witness their process as artists (not just performers) and see it manifest in one day is awesome for sure. So, that’s my take. Tell us what you think SoulBouncers. And, better yet, what other artists would you like to get a behind-the-scenes view of, witnessing their artistic process in a day?

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