SoulBounce's Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #22 'I Cant Help It'

I can't help but love you
It's getting better all the time


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Glancing at my music library right now, I see three different versions of Michael Jackson's "I Can't Help It." While some of you were a bit dismayed as to why this song has to be picked to always be remade out of Michael's entire catalog, can you really blame them? It is both one of his smoothest songs ever released, while simultaneously being one of the most beautifully and simply penned tracks ever made. 

"I Can't Help It" always evokes thoughts of late '70's dance floors--Off The Wall was released in 1979--so the disco fever of nattily-dressed couples gliding over floors of flashing multicolored lights is not too far-fetched. If anything, this song exemplifies what magic was inherent in the air when Michael and Quincy Jones collaborated on their first album together. It's hilarious to think that not everyone believed that Mike could pull off an album of its eventual magnitude on his own. Like Thriller did a few years later, Off The Wall was a perfect encapsulation of '70's overindulgence and the '80's decadence that would soon follow. Interestingly, it is this song co-written by Stevie Wonder, not the title track, that transitioned those who heard it into an unfamiliar decade full of promise.       

Michael Jackson: "I Can't Help It"

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