Rah Digga Comes Hard In ‘Cars’

Well, look at this. The same week after Nicki Minaj‘s “Your Love”–which is likely causing Annie Lennox to repeatedly bang her head against a wall multiple times–was declared the first female to have a #1 rap single in 7 years, comes this track by Nottz featuring Rah Digga. Yes. You read that right. Rah. Digga. As in a female emcee whose hiatus has been sorely missed and makes you take the ’90s for granted. In short, Nottz continues to bring the heat and Rah does an excellent job riding shotgun. I’m so mad I wasn’t up on this track when it first dropped, but I’m even more upset that the blip it made wasn’t loud enough for more heads to hear. Both Rah and Bilal collaborator Nottz have albums dropping later this year. Thank the music gods for that and this song.

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