Morning Soul: Let Me Tell It To You One Time

  • Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck continue to insist that I'm Still Here, a "documentary" about Phoenix's foray into hip-hop, is not a joke. [PRE]
  • "Behind the Music: Usher" premiers next Monday on VH1, but you can read some of the quotables now. [AJC]
  • Amy Winehouse, who has been working with Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi as of late, promises a new album is coming next January sounding just as "jukebox" as her last. [MTV]
  • Last night Tracy Morgan told Jay Leno that Mel Gibson's use of the n-word and calling women bitches "ain't nothin but hip-hop" and his New York condo is haunted by the ghost of John Lennon. Singing "Thriller". [NYM]

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