Zo! & Sy Smith Show Us The 'Greatest Weapon Of All Time'

If you follow SoulBounce on Twitter then this past Sunday afternoon you may have seen some of my live coverage during a private SunStorm listening session that Zo! treated me to. And boy was it a treat indeed to hear what is on the musical horizon for Lorenzo Ferguson and the talented cast of artists who he's assembled for this stellar album.

Yes, stellar. These new songs are that good. But don't just take my word for it, have a listen to one of the tracks from SunStorm that my benevolent friends from The Foreign Exchange Music camp are giving away free to fans as a taste of what's to come before the first single is released.

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"Greatest Weapon Of All Time" features sweet-voiced Sy Smith on vocals and Zo! holding down all of the instruments. Not only is this song a breezy mid-tempo groove perfect for warm summer days and nights, but its lyrics are positive and uplifting.

After hearing this song and their previous remake of Prince's "Crazy You" from ...just visiting too, Sy and Zo! really need to make more music together. But first things first, download this with the quickness and get ready for a SunStorm on July 27th.

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