Kelly Price May Be 'Tired,' But She Sure Doesn't Sound Like It

Let me just go right on ahead and collect the late pass for sleeping hard on Kelly Price's new single that's been floating around since mid-May. I don't know what evil demon possessed me to overlook the track "Tired" when I first spotted it on Tha Feedback, but I've loosed myself from its sinister clutches and finally given a listen to her latest. This song is like whoa. Kelly is belting her heart out, telling her trifling man just how tired of him and all his drama she is. I'm sure that we can all relate, but although the tune may be directed at one man, with all the hell Black women have been catching in the media lately and how sick and tired most of us are of the rhetoric, this could be our new national anthem. Kudos to Kelly for this strong comeback. And you know what else, this would make a fantastic house song. Someone make that remix happen, but until then let Ms. Price take you to church.

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