A Preemptive Strike: How The 'Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs' Countdown Works

For those of you who have been readers of SoulBounce from its inception or close to it, thank you so much for continuing to ride with us for all this time. For those of you who are relatively new to the site, welcome to SoulBounce! We hope your stay here will continue to be a pleasant one. 

We realize that we will continue to gather more readers as we countdown the Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs as determined by us, the editorial crew of SoulBounce. This is why we felt it necessary to explain a bit about how this here countdown works.

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We realize that any type of countdown ranking our opinion of our favorite songs that the Greatest Entertainer Who Ever Lived is going to garner critical analysis, disagreement, intense speculation and general disdain for those of you who feel that one song should be ranked higher than the other. We welcome all of this type of criticism and in fact we expect it and love that this is but one way we can continue to keep Michael's musical legacy and place in history alive. But let's return to the the first sentence of this particular paragraph. This is our list. On our website. This list was not based upon how popular a song was, how many units it sold, how our mamas feel about it or how many shamons it contained. Catch our drift? 

Believe us when we tell you: no one editor was pleased with this list in its entirety. No one. So if you don't think a song should be ranked where it is, believe me when I tell you that we all feel that way. Flurries of opinionated emails have rained down upon all of our heads and in the end we had to let go of our personal feelings and live with the fact that this list is based upon the rankings that we all submitted. Not one of us. And not you. 
I apologize for sounding catty and mean for that last statement, but trust me there are songs on this list that I am furious about that didn't even show up. But you know what? That's fine. I have a Top 50 list Of Greatest Michael Jackson Songs Ever Compiled By Me and I play it on my iPod whenever the urge strikes.
In short, this is going to be a fun ride, but let's just all take a collective pause and praise the greatest to ever do it. Let's enjoy the music that he created. And let's just thank God that we had an artist during all of our lifetimes that loved his fans and music so much that we can even have a Top 50 devoted to just one person.
That being said, let's get this show on the road. Just know that no one comment is going to stop this show. Thanks for reading. 
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