Wale Opens Up A Black Girl's 'Diary'

Wale hits us with his best shot--or make that his best video to date--with the clip for "Diary" from his debut album, Attention Deficit. Rik Cordero, who has become the go-to hip hop video director of
late, is behind the lens here in what starts off as a cliche with Wale trying to holla at a cutie walking down the street with her girls. She blows him off, and he keeps it moving but not before handing her friend a flyer for his concert that night. Just when you think you've seen this video before, it takes a turn for the better with scenes of said cutie looking downtrodden, going through the motions then later confronting her cheating man. And what better way to get over him than to go to the Wale show that your homegirl got the flyer to? She's in for a treat when she gets to the spot to find Wale channeling his inner Darius Lovehall as he gets his spoken word on. Does she become his Nina? That smile she greets him with at the end of the video tells me yes.

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