The Twitterverse Shows Us That Less Is Sometimes More

Remember when we followed our favorite artists on MySpace, thrilled when they took time out of their busy existence to add us as one of their "friends"? So eager to be in the stratosphere of someone we enjoy(ed) musically, we were willing to weave through blaring HTML and obnoxious flash graphics and sometime illegible colored text to stay up-to-date on concert tours and other business said artist was willing to share. Fast forward to Facebook which got rid of the funky flash code and added "fan" pages, which have transformed into "like" pages (??), and we were able to continue to the love-from-afar affair. But, it seems, Twitter does what MySpace and Facebook took their sweet time getting to. Twitter gets to the point--quickly, sweet and simple. With a limit on how many characters you can post at a time, we don't have to wade through the manufactured bio, gratuitous studio photos or flashing icons that sometimes are so busy they threaten a seizure. Twitter makes it so the artists wind up saying more by being required to say less.


Who remembers the craziness surrounding Nicki Minaj's tweets about her missing stuffed monkey or The Roots?uestlove's Twitter expose on the food served at NBC studios during Black History Month? Who didn't just love the anticipation Erykah Badu built via Twitter leading up to her controversial vid? Wyclef Jean mobilized a movement via Twitter, raising millions through the online platform for the relief effort for his homeland of Haiti.

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What's great to see is how some of our old school artists are using the online platform as a way to connect to their audiences. The Ivory Queen of Soul, Teena Marie, is one of my favorite artists to follow, always tweeting inspirational tweets along with updates on her performance experiences and new music plans. Jody Watley is also a favorite follow, tweeting news that let's us know she is still going strong as an entertainer.

Who are some of your favorite artists to follow on Twitter?  

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