Sandra St. Victor Takes Us To The 'Cosmos'

When temperatures outside start to rise and the sun begins to hang around in the sky for a little longer each day, there's nothing that embodies the vibe of the season more than house music. It's the musical equivalent of sunshine. Lord knows that the right groove will make you break out into a sweat. Speaking of which, I am working up a healthy glow chair dancing to "Cosmos," the latest from former Family Stand vocalist Sandra St. Victor who has teamed up with Mark de Clive-Lowe on a set of EP's, the first of which drops on May 28th. To be released under the name Sandra St. Victor's Sinner Child, At My Spheres features production from MdCL, who brings the most out of Sandra on the hot-stepper "Cosmos." Also on the collection is a remix by Souled that is more on the soulful house tip but equally as banging as the original below. Check it out, then add At My Spheres to your copping list.

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