Lyfe Jennings Gives Us A 'Statistics' Lesson

When I was in college, one of my least favorite courses that I was required to take for my major was Probability and Statistics. It wasn't that I lacked the aptitude, but the ish was just boring as all hell. Equally as tired is the suddenly incessant talk about the plight of the Single Black Woman, complete with statistics that basically tell us that we'll never get a man, why we can't keep a man or any myriad of doomsday scenarios when it comes to dating, relating and mating. Enter Lyfe Jennings, who is posturing himself as the Steve Harvey of R&B minus the 13-button suits. It's bad enough that we have a comedian turned relationship expert (where they do that at?) telling Black women about ourselves but now Jennings decides to give us his two cents in the new song "Statistics" from his upcoming album, I Still Believe. The probability of me liking this song given that it's by Lyfe, who I'm not a fan of from the door, was already zero. However, instead of putting all the blame on Black women, which many are prone to do when this topic comes up, Lyfe puts men on Front Street, albeit it with statistics that are more grounded in fuzzy math than fact. Does he provide some food for thought in the song? Yes. But his relationship tips are pretty much common sense to anyone with sense. This song really isn't as deep as he would have us to believe.

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