Hopefully David Banner’s Gatorade Ad Helps More Ears ‘Evolve’

I have long been complaining about modern R&B’s male singers not being something I’m used to. As in men who sound like men. Gruff, sometimes guttural, church-raised voices whose secular side can sometimes coax women out of underthings covering nether regions.All I’m saying is that I prefer Teddy Pendergrass‘ voice over Omarion‘s any day even though I like them both. Truth be told, I love Teddy more. Even though some people complained that David Banner‘s “Evolve” now being featured in this Gatorade commercial sounded too much like an old Negro spiritual–what’s wrong with that?–I love the fact that Kermit Quinn from Blackstreet is singing like a man. The type of man’s voice that I described above. While you likely have seen the commercial, be sure to peep the full-version of this song after the bounce.

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David Banner feat. Kermit Quinn: “Evolve

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