Bounce-Worthy: Dionne

With charisma and soul that is in the same vein as Julie Dexter, Angela Johnson and Patrice Rushen, singer/songwriter Dionne captivates with her melodic vocals featured on her new single “Move” that is featured on her upcoming album Unrealistic, which drops this summer. “The CD is titled Unrealistic because I live in the clouds sometimes. I’m a hopeful optimistic,” Dionne says.


A classically trained graduate of the renowned Arts Magnet School in Dallas, TX that has cultivated such famous acts as Erykah BaduNorah Jones and Kirk Whalum, Dionne continues a legacy of soul music, following in the footsteps of her musical inspirations Anita BakerRegina Belle and India.Arie

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Formerly touring under the moniker Deedee Kirby, she began using her name Dionne when she felt ready to own her power as an artist. “Life has challenged every conviction I thought I had,” Dionne says. “I live to inspire the listening audience to love themselves, be better, and live life with an open hand so things can freely flow in and out.” Singing since she was 7-years-old, Dionne will debut Unrealistic this summer after years of crafting songs that personify who she is as an artist. Her CD is much-anticipated after a string of successful performances that have garnered new fans cross the country. She was firm in her decision to take careful time in putting this new project together. 

“Like most artistic folks, I’m a perfectionist. I’ve had to push myself to keep moving, even when things aren’t exactly the way I want them to be. So, I focus on what is going the way I want, and I pull energy from there,” she explains. 

For her debut song collection, she had the opportunity to collaborate with songwriters and producers she had admired before from afar, including Jocelyn SaundersMo Digga and James Collins of Fertile Ground. She already has her list of who she would like to work with on her follow-up project. She names the artists Ledisi, Eric Roberson and Jill Scott at the top of her list. For, she explains, they write and sing about what she also writes and sings about–“people, self-discovery, ideals, love, and the Creator.” 

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Dionne’s covered a lot of ground as a solo artist, performing at venues across the US–from the Sugar Bar in New York City to the legendary Wolf Trap stage near the Nation’s Capital. She’s participated in national festivals and showcases across the states, including appearances at the national Green Fest with dates set to perform in the 2010 National Capital Barbecue Battle and the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest this year–both in Washington, DC. However, regardless of whether the stage is big or small, one thing is evident–Dionne enjoys each opportunity to sing for an audience. 

“I wake up every morning singing–whether I’m excited, furious, confused or whatever else I might feel. There is music in my head, coming out of me all of the time,” she says.

Check out her first single “Move” right here and tell us if you dig her like we do.

Dionne: “Move”

Dionne [Official]

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