'Who's Gonna Love' This New Amerie Song?

Last night Amerie gifted her fans and Twitter followers with a brand new song, "Who's Gonna Love You," that her manager/fiancee posted online. I love Amerie--I really do--and I want to like this song--I really, really do--but it just isn't doing it for me. Off the break, it sounds a little too much like Rihanna's "Umbrella" without the catchy "ella ella eh's" or fresh flavor that that song had at the time. If this joint came on in the club, I might two-step to it, but it doesn't have the staying power like anything from her stellar debut album, All I Have, or that of her saucy big hit, "1 Thing." I'm not sure if this is from an upcoming Amerie project or a mixtape of some sort, but after the lackluster sales or her last album, my girl needs to come stronger than this. Paging, Rich Harrison.

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