Another Wasted Video Budget: Usher's 'OMG'

Didn't Usher just put out a video last week? Clearly his record company is trying to make people care about this new album of his, Raymond v. Raymond, that just got released yesterday. Good luck with that, because flashy videos do not hits make. But perhaps the Pop world will take to this Black Eyed Peas reject like flies to the hot steaming pile of mess that it is. Usher even enlists BEP front man and the song's producer Will.I.Am in a pair of harem pants that need to be buried in an unmarked grave right next to this video. If you've seen one Hype Williams video from the bygone Bad Boy era, then you've pretty much already seen this Anthony Mandler-directed "spectacle." His words, not mine. I've seen enough, Usher. You'll be hard-pressed to get another four minutes of my time anytime soon. I won't be the same fool thrice. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to put on Confessions and rock myself like Ms. Sofia in The Color Purple.

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