This Has To Stop: Jermaine Dupri To Remake ‘Secret Garden’

I’m not going to sit here and say that I’ve never pondered what a remake of Quincy Jones‘ classic “Secret Garden” would sound like. I will, however, say that what bothers me the most about Jermaine Dupri‘s planned remake of this song is that he plans to leave Barry White‘s voice on the track in its unaltered form. I applaud Jermaine’s diligence at not trying to find a contemporary who could sing Barry’s lyrics, but I just fear that this will turn into an Auto-Tuned debacle just like “We Are The World 25” with Michael Jackson‘s unaltered parts mixed into the disastrous fray. Since this will be appearing on an upcoming Quincy Jones album, we have no other choice that to wonder about Q’s mental status lately–again, see WATW25 for proof of this. In any case, we’re hoping Jermaine won’t turn this into a farce once Ursher, Trey Songz and Robin Thicke get to spreading their fertilizer all over this “Garden. [H/T: MTV]

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