Zo!'s Students Give Us 'Butterflies'

There have been several campaigns over the years begging for the federal and local governments to save the music in schools. Those championing the cause reasoned that without the ability to express themselves musically, students wouldn't have balance in their lives--that there would be a void. All of that is true. Because without music programs, the several students interested in pursuing, or just perusing, music, would be at a loss. And so would we, as evidenced by the latest video by our friend Zo! from his In Class With Zo! YouTube series, this time featuring his 6th period class. The group began practicing one of their favorite songs by Michael Jackson before the holiday break. When they returned this week, they played what they learned. Zo! recorded it. The results? The kids are really good. And we learned that not only is music necessary, but with practice and inspiration, these students can literally give you "butterflies." Enjoy.

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