Sade's Return Signals That All Is Right In The World

SoulBounce will certainly not be the first website to alert the masses that new Sade tracks have surfaced, nor will we be the first website to hail this moment as one worthy of ecstatic jubilation. We will, however, be the first website to proclaim that if these new Sade tracks were able to be personified, we would take them out on the best first date they've ever been on, sweep them off their feet, and quickly elope with them on some exotic isle where a tribal chieftain will betrothe us for the rest of our lives. In all honesty, I liked "Soldier Of Love." I love "Skin" with every fiber of my being with "In Another Time" and "The Moon & The Sky" a close second. Plus, did Ms. Adu just give Michael Jackson a sly shout-out? Oh Em Gee. You can listen to "Skin" with its decidedly Love Deluxe-ish sound below. You should have no problem searching for the other two tracks on the internet if you haven't tripped and fallen into their seductiveness already.

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