Sade's Back With A Stunning 'Soldier' Story

There were times while watching Sade's video for "Soldier of Love" that I craned my neck forward, hoping her Wonder Woman-like lasso would somehow corral me, thus making me a POW for her love. Alas, no dice. But no worries, since the rest of the video, filled with fire, wind, a steady regimen of militaristic movements and, um, a horse, helped distract me from my bondage fantasy just long enough. It played out similarly to how I thought it would, with the beat demanding tight choreography, which was delivered with precision by Sade's synchronized unit. If you were like me and thought the track was a bit underwhelming, the images in the video helped balance it out, making me like the song that much more. Oh, and say what you want, but seeing Sade pose with her hands in the shape of a gun was just the right amount of sexy. Tell us what you think below, and in the meantime, I'm going to watch again, and see if I can get my neck at just...the right...angle.

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