Ryan Leslie Might 'Dance' But Baiyu Sounds Better

Despite my liking of Ryan Leslie's tracks, I've never quite been able to get used to his voice. At times I really want someone else to sing his vocals. Although his new video "When We Dance" leaves me with the same feeling, I really am liking Baiyu's vocals on here. Yes, she is doing that over-eneunciation thing that Janet does all the time that irks me just as much. And yes, I'm sure that if she had to dance and sing she might be out of breath. But her vocals make me interested in this track a bit more than if Ryan were on there solo. Plus, is it me or do Ryan's parts look like B-roll from the "You're Not My Girl" video and his latest Lexus commercial? No matter. I'm going to forget about those silver shoes he's wearing as long as I can forget about Baiyu's overwraught sexiness and just enjoy the track as much as I can before I get sick if it.

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