Monica Gives Listeners 'Everything' & More

I'm normally a skeptic when it comes to artists sampling classic songs. Monica must
have sensed any cynicism that may come her way and decided to shut it down with
"Everything (To Me)," which borrows heavily from "Silly" by Deneice Williams. Produced by Missy Elliott, it is the first single off the
highly-anticipated album, Still Standing, from the Atlanta songstress, and it has all the
makings of a great record. It's no secret that Monica can sing, but on this
song I felt every word that she belted out. The first time I heard this was
while watching her BET reality show and thanks to DVR I was able to
rewind that one-minute clip over and over. Although the song itself does seem a bit short, let's cross our fingers that the album version is a little longer. After hearing this single, I
don't think anyone will doubt Miss Thang again.

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