Megan Livingston May Just Be 'The One'

I came across the music of Labtekwon after a chance meeting on Facebook in 2008 and was totally dazzled by the lyrical prowess of this quirky Hip-Hop MC who is the epitome of originality and out-of-the-box ingenuity. His video for "Activator" was an immediate favorite but it was the video for "Tao of Slick" that I enjoyed most of all, particularly feeling the lyrics of the female vocalist on his track, New Jersey native Megan Livingston aka Hazel Black. Her vocal stylings--reminiscent of Amel Larrieux with a kiss of Sy Smith--were instantly alluring yet lulling.

After the bounce

So, how happy I was to be tagged in a Facebook posting by Labtekwon
sharing his friend Megan's foray into the indie music scene as a solo
artist. He shot and edited her first solo video in his abstract style
that has become his visual trademark.
The song, "The One," from her forthcoming CD Black Beckee
(Ankh Ba Records) is a melodious masterpiece. Still channeling the
spirit that fills Mrs. Larrieux, Megan's pretty crystal clear vocals
glide over the rich jazzy music landscape composed by Thur Deephrey.

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I talked to Livingston recently and was instantly captured by her
chatty casualness when she shared that her alter ego Hazel Black is
actually one of several stage names that she chooses based on what type
of artistic energy she is feeling at the moment.
She laughs at the Amel comparisons because she describes Amel's use of
her voice as "fearless" and believes she is one of the greats.
If this single is an example of the music that her CD will contain,
then she is assured a place at the top as a royal member of Soul
music's new sound as well. We can't wait.
Keep eyes and ears peeled for the release of Black Beckee this Valentine's Day.

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