Dreams Are Made Of 'Love' & Jose James

I swear I don't know what my life was like before I stumbled upon Jose James' voice. I'm not purporting that his voice is as adaptable as the voice of say Luther Vandross, but Jose's voice is always the perfect fit for the slow to mid-tempo songs that he laces so well. "Made Of Love," produced by Flying Lotus, is no different. I certainly want to follow him to a romantic place as he suggests. I also enjoy being told that he wants to collectively touch our bodies. I also like long walks in the park, rainbows, puppies, and balloons, all of which I feel like indulging in while I listen to this song. I imagine that his new album from Verve Records will be so effortlessly smooth that every track will flow into the next with nary a skip to the next track. Until then, this will just have to do. 
[Photo: Barbara Peremans]

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