Wait For Linn & Freddie No Longer

Gifts come all year 'round and during the most unexpected times if you allow your heart and mind to be open to the possibility. Since "befriending" so many people all over the world via Twitter, my musical boundaries have been pushed farther with every tweet that captures my attention. Stockholm, Sweden's Linn & Freddie, she a vocalist and he a producer better known as Freddie Cruger or Red Astaire, released an album that virtually slipped under the radar until now. If it weren't for Soul:UK, I would have never gotten to enjoy Waiting For Spring where damn near every track is lovable. Title track, "Waiting For Spring," features Linn and SoulBounce fave Anthony David on an airy, lithe track. 'Pretty Little Thing" sounds like it was birthed from an Erykah Badu track circa Worldwide Underground. Yes, it's that good. Try to get your hands on this any way you can. Looks as though a sojourn to Sweden is looking like a greater and greater necessity.

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