Sade Wept: Maino Remixes 'Soldier Of Love'

The overwhelming majority of the internet is used to display pornographic material. Just like there's bad porn, there's bad music. This is clearly what has happened when Maino decided to "remix" Sade's newest "Soldier Of Love." You see Sade's face? Is she being demure or is she angry because I know that I am frothing with anger right about now. Take a listen to Maino's festooning of this track--you only really have to listen to the beginning--then peep my ranting after the bounce.

  1. We've said it before and even though it's common sense, it bears repeating: A "remix" is not you slapping a rhyme on top of a song that has not been altered in any way. If you need examples of remixes, see Siik's remix of Mary J. Blige's "Be Happy" from SoulBounce Presents Men Love Mary: A Tribute To My Life. Or hell, see any one of these remixes for reference.
  2. As much as I don't respect popular Rap music--not Hip Hop (I'm invoking Q-Tip's distinction between Rap and Hip Hop here)--I don't go into their clubs standing around with my backpack spitting rhymes in a cipher all by myself. Likewise, Maino, don't come into my world and stick your sorry-ass rhyme onto a Sade track. It's lazy, but then again so is Rap music these days. And before I forget, Mickey Factz, why did you redo Jay Electronica's "Exhibit A?" Please go sit down somewhere. Talented, grown folks is talking.
  3. If you think I'm taking this too seriously, it's because this is serious. This track is barely two days old. Would you tattoo a two-day old baby? Would you, Maino? Hopefully you would not, but then again some of your cohorts in Rap music like to eat Fruity Pebbles with Rosé champagne. It tastes like success apparently. Yes, I'm so serious right now about this, too. 
  4. I know you feel like I'm coming hard on you, Maino, but again this is not a remix. Anymore than Nikki Minaj believing that mixtapes should be regarded in the same vein as full-length albums. But then again, she was recently wearing an outfit based entirely on textures. I wonder if her stylist is blind. That was wrong. But you know what else is wrong? This "remix."

So endeth my rant. Did I miss anything? Disagree with me? Leave all your thoughts in the comments.

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