Quiet Bounce: You Got Me Wide Open

I'm on a Raphael Saadiq love high right now. I just saw him in concert this past Monday night, and I'm still relishing the moment--that can't be dampened despite my car getting broken into outside of the venue, but I digress. Raphael is the man. Has been for quite some time now. His live show just solidifies that fact and one of the highlights of his set is when he comes back out for the encore, sans dress shirt--wifebeater game proper, see above--and picks up his bass. When he licks out the first notes to "Skyy, Can You Feel Me" my hands involuntarily wave in the air like I just don't care. This is one of the most memorable songs from his solo debut, Instant Vintage, and not just because it was a marathon 14 minutes long. The actual "Skyy, Can You Feel Me" part of the track clocked in at 6 minutes and it was a pleasing musical concoction from Saadiq and vocalist Rosie Kaye. They sing about the feeling that you get from meeting someone who has you so open that you can't control your emotions or actions. That is both a dangerous and delicious place to be.

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