Quiet Bounce: A Sweet Gentle Sway

We talked a lot about Mary J. Blige last month and her sophomore project, My Life. However, what we don't want to forget is another sophomore album that hit hard earlier that same year and further established another R&B act. The album was From The Mint Factory. The band? Mint Condition. The gem of that rhythmic ocean was the sublime "U Send Me Swingin'," which charted for four weeks straight during the spring of 1994. The instrumentation, mixed with lead singer Stokely's voice was aural crack. Which was ironic, since the song spoke of subtle, sweet gentle sways while the song created a type of swingin' that was far more direct. Far more addictive. Today, as this first day of December draws to a satisfying close, allow yourself to celebrate the 15th anniversary of one of the finest songs this side of the band's St. Paul hometown. And to get um, swung, again. Enjoy.

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