M.anifest Schools Us In 'The Birds & The Beats'

Born in Accra, Ghana and raised in Minneapolis, M.anifest is an emcee whose social conscience isn't worn on his sleeve as a gimmick. That being said, his style isn't preachy or out-of-touch with what the average Hip Hop listener would expect. Dope beats? Check. Great rhymes? Check. Nice flow? Yes. But would you really expect anything less than someone who is a Ghanaian transplant and multilingual as well? No, you would not. Check his take on Fela's "Water Get No Enemy" by listening to "How I Used To Be" and his take on Donny Hathaway's "Little Ghetto Boy" on "Hubris" below. His The Birds & The Beats is an album with which you might want to get intimately familiar. That is, if you consider yourself one whose musical tastes run farther than the run-of-the-mill. Be sure to peep Bounce-Worthy artist Sarah White's contributions on this album, as well one of their past collaborations, once you get around to copping this for free.99.

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