Calling All Remixers: Eric Roberson Wants You!

Not one to rest on his Grammy Award nominated laurels, Eric Roberson is taking things a step further and challenging his producing and remixing fans to remix the song that is up for said Grammy, “A Tale Of Two” featuring Michelle Thompson and Ben O’Neill. Erro took to the interwebs to announce the contest via YouTube and the competition sounds like it’s going to be a great opportunity. Judging the remixes alongside Eric will be Brett Baker, Rich Harrison and Bryan-Michael Cox and the winner will receive a free song from Erro. Yup, it’s not a game. Watch the video below to get all of the details, and don’t delay because the remixes are due in on December 21st! When you’re done watching, hit the bounce for a special treat to indulge in your Errobsession (cause I know I’m not the only one).

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Eric Roberson feat. Michelle Thompson & Ben O’Neill: “Two People” (Acapella) [Download]

Eric Roberson [Official][Facebook][MySpace][Twitter]

Since we’re on the subject of remixes, check out this slice of dopeness from Kev Brown‘s Low Budget vault. Kev took Erro’s “Couldn’t Hear Me” from The Vault Vol. 1.5, changed the tempo a taste and mellowed it out. Kev’s cohort Kenn Starr is serving this one up as a free download on his site, Starr Status. Be sure to add this one to your growing Eric Roberson collection.

Eric Roberson: “Couldn’t Hear Me” (Kev Brown Remix)

Eric Roberson: “Couldn’t Hear Me” (Kev Brown Remix) [Download]

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