Why We'll Never Get 'Over' The Roots

Clearly, we love The Roots here at SBHQ. And really, what's not to love? The band is legendary, they've worked with everyone (did you know that ?uestlove is producing John Legend's next album? You would if you were on Twitter), with incredible results. Months ago, we gave you their first single, "How I Got Over," from the upcoming album of the same name. Then the video came out, and we covered that, too. Now, some behind the scenes footage showed up online, with ?uest and Black Thought teaming with producers BBGun, Dice Raw, actor Mel and a "tricked out" wheelchair (Craigslist, anyone? Heh). We're bringing this to you for two reasons: I can't get enough of Philly's own Black Thought rocking the Yankee fitted cap (this tweet about the group's World Series bet with Jay-Z is priceless!), or the fact that he was signing autographs...in PENCIL! Now, that's hip hop. Or, you know, mechanical drawing. Either way, love these guys. Check the video below.

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