Quiet Bounce: I Will Love You Forever

I adore the Brand New Heavies. How happy was I when the original lineup–consisting of Jan Kincaid, Simon Bartholomew, Andrew Levy and N’Dea Davenport–reunited and released an album in 2006. They’ve toured extensively in that time and if you’ve been blessed to see them live in concert as I have, then you know that BNH is the real article. Now we get to own some of that realness with the recent release of their Live In London disc. Capturing all of their energy and funk, listening to this is truly the next best thing to being there. Oddly enough the song that I’m drawn to the most on this live set is the slow burn of “Forever.” Known for their uptempo, danceable tracks, BNH slowed it down with “Forever” from 1994’s Brother Sister. N’Dea sings of her unwavering love in a performance filled with conviction and passion. Hearing this live rendition makes me love this song even more than I already do.

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