Get Your Fix Of Miles Quick Before It's Gone

As a satellite radio subscriber, I first loved the lack of commercials, then hated the loss of stations once XM and Sirius merged. But there are a few reasons to tune in, even though my beloved Jazz fusion station is no more. Starting tomorrow until November 25th, Real Jazz's channel 72 on Sirius XM Radio will be devoted entirely to Miles Davis. For those of you who just did a small leap of joy in front of your computers, I feel you. For those of you who are kinda sorta interested, here's your chance to understand how great the next five days will be: Miles' over 100 albums, never-before released material, and interviews with collaborators such Carlos Santana, Quincy Jones, bassist Ron Carter, and more will all be heard. Want more info? Click here. In the meantime, I'll be counting down the minutes until tomorrow when I can bask in the magnificence of Miles over and over again. 

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