DJ Spinna Brings The 'Boogie Back'

Earlier this year, DJ Spinna gave us a Sonic Smash to chill our ears in the midst of a sweltering summer. As 2009 wraps up, the renowned producer is back--and this time, he's brought the heat with Boogie Back, a post-Disco/pre-House excursion taking you into the depths of electrified funk with each pulsating track.


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This two-disc compilation is packed with extended mixes of progressive,
sexy club anthems that are essential to any crate-diggers' library.
With 20 songs averaging six minutes in length, it's easy to get lost in
the analog warmth and hard thumping bass grooves found in this album.

Break out your skates and slide underneath the dazzling strobe light as Spinna and South Bronx
take you back to 1982 with "The Bottom Line." The slap bass and congas--mixed with electronic sounds reminiscent of your favorite Atari 2600
game--will have you chanting, "The bottom line is the dollar sign" in no time.

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DJ Spinna: "The Bottom Line"

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Lightly press fast-forward to '84 and you'll find Spinna alongside Jan Leslie Holmes
with a galactic soul mix of "I'm Your Superman." This house-licious
blend of synth bass lines and sensual female background vocals are
'psychadelic sexy.'

DJ Spinna: "I'm Your Superman (Galactic Soul Remix)"

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I strongly encourage you to escape for 15 minutes -- take a trip with
these two tracks right now and prepare to take an extended, soulful
journey when Boogie Back drops November 24th on BBE.

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