Wave Your Hands In The Air While Riding Soulpersona's 'Soulacoaster'

The soulful heat coming from across the pond has been keeping our ears nice and toasty with beautiful beats, sultry voices and universal subject matters. UK-based producer extraordinaire, Soulpersona (aka SoulP), has collaborated with a number of talented singers from around the globe. The result is Soulacoaster, a profound LP that captures the essence of soul, jazz, funk, disco and hip hop.

The album features the vocal stylings of Princess Freesia, Darien, Kia Bennett, Sibel Thrasher (from the Roy Ayers Music Project) and a host of other artists who make great additions to your playlist. Soulacoaster was produced virtually--with SoulP's tracks and artists' vocals being transferred via e-mail before being mixed and mastered.

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"Candy Wrapper" is a sexy, soul-hop single with an irresistible beat
and solid performance by Princess Freesia. Her invitation to "make you sweat and sautee" will cause your eyebrow to raise as your inhibitions do the opposite. Be warned, this one is solely for the grown and sexy.

Soulpersona: "Candy Wrapper" feat. Princess Freesia

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Darien and SoulP deliver an ambient, groovy vibe with "Don't Go." The
snare pops and the synths dance in the air with Darien's declaration
that he's willing to do what it takes to make love work.

Soulpersona: "Don't Go" feat. Darien

Overall, this project is a sincere voyage through a collective passion
for soul music. I encourage you to join the journey when the album
drops on October 19th.

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