'Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart' Like Alicia Keys

We all love the '80s. Right? Well, most of us anyway. And this lengthy love affair that music has been having with synth-driven ballads and Nintendo crescendos has produced many enjoyable tracks but has it worn out its pastel-neon and asymmetrical 8-bit welcome? This new track from Alicia Keys' forthcoming album fits perfectly into that nostalgia. She's whispery in the beginning much like she was on "Like You'll Never See Me Again." That wears off, though, and the song breaks into solid beat that makes it feel like its trying to be anthemic like so many of those title tracks from movies circa that era, and the bridge is a much needed dose of contemporariness. Many will love this because many love Keys. Plus, it's much more solid than that other single she's hocking. What do you think? [H/T: MITV]

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