Quiet Bounce: Baby Don't Be Afraid

If the purpose of the Quiet Bounce is to turn your ears onto the songs that really get us into the mood for frisky cavorting, then I can't deny one of the masters of R&B-induced grinding, Aaron Hall. After Guy disbanded and he decided to go solo, he released a monster of a hit with "Don't Be Afraid" from the amazing Juice soundtrack. But while the video version of "Don't Be Afraid" was all splashing water, frenetic dancing, and Aaron promising you that your night with him was Not. Going. To. Be. A. Game, this remix from his The Truth album was all orchestral strings, Gerald Albright on sax, rose petals, and bubble baths while he rubbed your feet. Whenever you want to know what R Kelly could have been without the public knowledge of golden showers or trading sexual favors with underage girls for new sneakers, look no further than to one of the most powerful voices to have ever graced a song. I know I just disturbed the sexy with that last statement, but it cannot be denied. Just like the sumptuousness of this song. Sink slowly into some deep passionate grooves with a generous dose of some Aaron Hall. Enjoy.

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