H-Town & Jodeci Plan To 'Knock Your Heels Off'

Some time ago, I was walking down the street in a one week period and saw two people who were stuck in the '80s. More specifically, the older gentleman I saw had a meticulously cut high-top fade while the older woman I saw had the same haircut Pepa rocked as well as some identical outfit that Pepa would have worn in Salt-N-Pepa's "Everybody Get Up" video. I say all of this to say that for some people certain years happen to crystallize their personae so well that they absolutely refuse to leave its nurturing bosom. If '94 happened to be your year or you happen to have misplaced your flux capacitor to travel back that time or you were yearning for an H-Town and Jodeci reunion, "Knockin' Your Heels"--not boots--is for you. Hey, I'm trying to be nice here. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. [H/T:JSN]

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