Break Out Your Butterfly Collars, The ’70s Are Back

My most sincere apologies, but please allow me to be frank for one moment. Black people, I love y’all, but sometimes y’all get on my nerves. That’s because we’re family, even though I don’t want to claim Soulja Boy, Tyler Perry, Whitney Houston and other folks whose actions are questionable at times. It’s during these trying times that I find myself drawn to the one thing that restores my faith in us: old school Soul Train. Where else can you find hair in natural states, colorful clothing, creative acrobatics, and smiles abounding? That being said, take a gander via Flwrpt at the inspiration for some creative videos found after the bounce. While you’re at it, be in awe as you watch two Soul Train lines (!) and Don Cornelius referring to Aretha Franklin as the “Crown Princess of Soul” as opposed to the “Queen of Large Oft-Photoshopped Hats.”

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First up is People Under The Stairs with their new video for “Trippin’ At The Disco”. I love them so very much, but you knew this already. What’s great about this video besides Double K‘s ultra-smoothness? Everything, but most especially that random, hanging, glittery disco boot, a keytar appearance, a unicyclist, and their awesome kickstep at the end.

Armand Van Helden is known for his forays down memory lane, especially the ’80s (see: The Retro Kidz), but now that he’s joined forces with A-TRAK to form Duck Sauce, the nostalgia goes even further into the realm of the ’70s. The best part about, “aNYway”, an ode to Midnight Special? The four dancers whose superb homage to the Jackson 5 is subtle and very well done. They kill it, even thought this song gets a bit monotonous after awhile. Still, good job, guys.

To recap: Are we in the middle of a ’70s resurgence? I don’t think so since the ’80s still reign supreme at least for the moment. What we may be witnessing at best is a yearning for things a bit more soulful and simpler. And who can disagree with that?

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