The Curious Case Of Lewis Taylor

Lewis+Taylor.jpgSome months ago, the planets all aligned in such a way that several friends of mine began speaking of an artist that I had been searching for the past 10 years. It all began when my best friend had a mixtape (yes, a cassette) with a song that I played until the tape literally popped. Saddened but unfazed, the song I loved remained at the forefront of my mind while I yearned to put a name to the artist I craved to know so much more about. When I finally learned that it was UK's Lewis Taylor, I was overjoyed. Rapturously ecstatic even. Upon learning that he has retired from music indefinitely, I was overcome with sadness. Word has it Lewis became frustrated with his record company's handling of his work and, despite being a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, decided to withdraw from performing and recording. I am, therefore, writing this to serve two purposes: to hip anyone out there to how truly amazing this dude is and also to persuade him out of his much-too-long hiatus. To put this in perspective into those unaware of him, consider that his admirers included Elton John, David Bowie, D'Angelo, Chaka Khan, Darryl Hall, Esthero (please click to see their video) and Aaliyah. Do yourself a favor and Google him. He has an impressive discography. Find them. Listen to them. Love them. You can thank me later. 

Lewis Taylor: "Damn"

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Lewis Taylor: "Consider"

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